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One guy…and his team.

It’s true, Seth Gregory Design is me, Seth. But it’s also the web developers, photographers, copy writers, strategists, whoever we need to bring together to make your project work. More often that not we are working directly with each other or I am mediating the process with other team members, but I am by no stretch of the imagination going to do it all! In some cases, especially for individuals or small businesses, I may very well be able to cover all your needs myself: designing a logo, producing print materials and customizing a solid brochure website for you. And for those at a larger scale or in need of more unique solutions, we put out the Bat signal and call in the team!

While this team is gradually growing and solidifying, my priority will remain to be able to provide close, personal attention to each project.  The better I understand what you do and how you do it, the more effectively I can help you communicate that to others. Acheiveing that requires time, proximity and shared values, because it is the nature of your work that inspires me and that I believe is directly responsible for the quality of the finished product.


Identity Development

This is the nectar of the design gods! Logos, brand, voice, identity. Who are you? And who aren’t you?

I love the intimate and mysterious nature of this work: the process of uncovering what makes each business or organization unique, understanding where it’s come from and where it aspires to be, and then creating a mark that expresses this in a language the target audience can receive.

Together, we work to solve this puzzle, towards the end of creating the assets you need. Typically, this will include a variety of formats for your mark(s) and logotype to fit multiple spaces and mediums and a basic style guide to assist you in employing the correct colors, logo formats, type styles and so forth. More comprehensive projects include additional work to develop a brand’s voice, personality and style. This can then better inform how you compose copy, choose images and approach marketing or outreach.

Identity development is in one respect a single, concentrated effort to cast a mold and stake your claim. However, it is also an ongoing process, as if tuning an instrument, that is best served by sustained attention. So dust it off every once in a while! Put on a fresh coat of paint, rearrange the furniture! This is your organization’s identity, after all. It should grow and evolve with the work you do and the people you want to connect with.


Print Design

Ahh, the romance of paper! There’s something so appealing about the comfort and challenge of designing for a fixed amount of space, with none of this “infinite scrolling” business to bail us out! While we’re using less of it these days, it’s not going away anytime soon. You can’t wrap a product in pixels, or go posting flat screens willy-nilly around town to promote your upcoming event (yet). While I generally encourage a more selective use of printed materials to save time and money, there is an undeniable impact to holding something physically in your hands. While an email hides in your computer, a mailing or booklet remain on the desk or fridge, keeping that reminder fresh in one’s mind.

But there’s more to print than just ads. Signs, vehicle wraps, packaging, books, apparel: if its not on screen, it’s in print. As with all projects, the solution is catered to your goals, your budget, and your audience. Your project might be a one-time effort or a more extensive campaign. In every case, we can provide design consultation while helping you select materials, gather quotes and execute the production work to pass along to the printers. My experience as a printmaker, screen printer and paper product designer means I speak (and sometimes think) in Print. There are a lot of decisions to be made about scale, orientation, size, materials, colors, pagination, folds, cuts, bleeds…so rest easy knowing you’ve got a translator on your side.

Inevitably, composing a printed piece requires copy and images. We are prepared to work with what a client provides for us or to help in composing, editing or creating those assets. Some needs may be met through my own consultation, while others may require the use of stock art, a copy editor, or a professional photographer. In each case, we can connect you with the resources you need to make this piece memorable.


Online Design & Development

“Websites” no longer accurately describe what we’re talking about here. It’s social media, email marketing, and anything else that appears on screen. When even “just” a website is created, it is inevitably accompanied by an email newsletter template, social media banners and a variety of other accoutrement one may need to maintain a presence online.

We can provide consultation on a single element or a comprehensive package. And while there are certainly best practices at play, there is also not a cookie cutter approach to this work. When needed, we will consider multiple platforms and tools and match you with the right fit for your needs. Depending on your goals and scale, we can pair you with additional expertise in online marketing, search engine optimization, social media strategy, videographers and code jockeys.

In most cases, myself and my partners will be able to offer you ongoing technical support, site hosting, content management and are always committed to helping you keep your online presence effective, relevant and a (relative) joy to maintain!

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