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Rates & Budgets

Pricing involves a number of factors unique to your project, and whether we choose to bill hourly, in blocks, or compose a contract. Identity and Online Design work are typically billed at higher rates because of the length and breadth of their reach, while print design is billed at a relatively modest rate because of its fixed capacity and duration. Rates also take into consideration the scale and market reach of a business. This recognizes that a small sole-proprietorship working within a small region will reap somewhat less return from their investment in design work than will a larger regional or national company. Additionally, discounts will be applied when larger blocks of time are purchased in advance or for clients with whom we have long-standing relationships. When a contract is composed for a larger project, the estimate will be firm, following the inclusion of a more thorough discovery process and clearer limitations on revisions or additions to the project.

In all cases, we can work together to determine what type and amount of work can be done to fit your goals in light of your budget. Along the way, I have worked with businesses and organizations of a wide range of sizes, and found ways to meet their needs within their budgets. Sometimes this involves phasing-in work over time, breaking up payment into multiple installments, or coming up with a clever, more economical solution to meet your goals.

We are happy to provide free estimates on most work, which will often be defined by a price range in order to accommodate the typical fluctuations in scope as a project unfolds. We can also offer services to accommodate a fixed budget, after a more exhaustive assessment of what the project will entail.

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In need of pro bono services?

It is also a part of our commitment to offer a limited number of pro bono hours each year to deserving institutions. The availability of this work fluctuates depending on work load and is most likely to be rewarded to volunteer-run projects that serve progressive causes for social justice, environmental protection and sustainability. Get in touch with us, and we can begin the process of assessing the fit and our capacity.