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With These HandsWith These HandsWith These HandsWith These HandsWith These Hands

By sgdesign

On 02, Jan 2013 | In | By sgdesign

With These Hands

With These Hands collaborates with craftspeople around the world to bring their traditionally-inspired handcrafts to market. A labor of love by owner and operator Sarah McDowell, her selection of goods has grown from many years of building close working relationships with families in Tanzania and Namibia. We made slight modifications to her existing logo, adding a shade of light blue and formatting the lettering in a tight stack to accomodate vertical and horizontal orientations. We then created a styling scheme which we applied to a collection of print materials including product labels and promotional cards. Each piece sought to communicate just how directly Sarah works with artisans, and showcase both their mastery of traditional crafts as well as the impact this market has on their economic well-being. The website design displays this experience through its stripped down content: simply a catalog along with artist profiles. In each piece, the mediator (whether it be the card, packaging, website or Sarah herself) are there simply to facilitate a more direct relationship with the artist whose hands are responsible for the beautiful art that is now in yours. Learn more and shop at