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By sgdesign

On 02, Jan 2013 | In | By sgdesign

Shraddha Yoga

Shraddha Yoga is the awesome yoga-verse that is Corinne Andrews! Her warm, grounded style as a yogini translated so well into a umbrella brand for all her offerings, including a forthcoming online therapeutic program for pregnant mothers. The development of the logo in this case sprouted (quite literally!) from the letterforms themselves. As the diagonal arm of the “y” served to separate the two words in the name, the leaf form accentuates this while shading “shraddha” beneath. The choice of a conservative, though soft typeface was made to capture the reverent calm that is inherited from the word “shraddha” (meaning “Faith, devotion, trust, surrender, confidence, attentive awareness, pure love”). The color scheme that runs through all her materials is inspired by her own taste as well as the gorgeous shoreline yoga shots we feature heavily in these materials.

Also featured here is a sneak peek at the identity for Corinne’s forthcoming project, Birthing Mama. This project gives (internet) wings to her ever-popular prenatal yoga class by creating a weekly series of yoga postures, nutritional advice, and creative and meditative activities catered for each week of pregnancy. It has been a joy to be a part of watching this unfold. The program will be available for subscription this spring!

Learn more about Corinne, Shraddha Yoga and Birthing Mama at